Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Whole Cloth Piece with Bugs

 Finished with my whole cloth piece which is about 22 x 22 cm or 9 x 9 in.  I painted some of the flowers using acrylic paint, appliqued, fused and made a few 3-D flowers too.
 Just had to add some bugs and made this caterpillar and bees using bullion stitching.  On hindsight I wish I had made them a bit bigger as they are rather lost on this piece.  I'll know for next time.
 Tried my hand again on a stumpwork lady bug.  I first tacked down a small piece of black felt and stitched black and red threads over it.  Made a few french knots on the back and added a couple of small black beads for the eyes.  Straight stitches for the legs and antennae and there you have it.  One small ladybug complete.
 This inchworm should have been larger too as it is hardly noticeable.  It is one long bullion knot with a couple of black french knots for the eyes.
 So the whole cloth piece was our December project in our stitchery guild. This Sashiko piece was made in November.
 The colours of India was our October piece and for January
 we are needle felting.  This is how my piece is looking so far.  All our pieces are approximately the same size and we'll be making a book box to keep them all in. 
The stitchin fingers atc swap of the month theme is Winter.  Using candy and gum wrappers and some free motion embroidery this is my progress so far.  Will add a few more threads to it I think before I send it off.

Hope everyone is enjoying their January.  Take care wonderful blog followers :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Chain Stitched Applique

 Slow progress on my whole cloth piece but I did manage to add a couple of bright orange flowers to it.  Using fusible web I ironed this flower down and chained stitched around the edge and added some pistil stitches and beads.
 Wanting a 3 dimensional look as well I buttonholed around this flower and stitched it on with french knots.  I have 3 more flowers to go and then will add a few stitched bugs.
 This is supposed to be the beginnings of a cross stitched robin but I've already made 4 mistakes so we'll see what bird it will be by the time I'm done :)
 Grouping of 4 of my owlet accordion books that I've enjoyed stitching.
Owl accordion booklet opened up.
 4 more owl accordion booklets. 

It always makes my day when a Sharp-tailed Grouse comes into the yard.  We've been having -28 Celsius and into the - 30's at night so I am glad to scatter a bit of seed on the ground for the birds.

Happy New Year and wishing everyone a creative and wonderful year!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Seed Filler Stitches

 A bit more progress on my whole cloth piece namely chain stitches around the purple flower with french knot centres, open chain stitches for the tendril and then seed stitching.  Seed stitches are certainly a great filler stitch and so easy and relaxing to do.
 Thought I'd try my hand once again at some free motion embroidery and had fun with these squiggles and leaves around this tendril.
 Back to more owl covers for my accordion books.  Learning from my previous mistake I drew out the design lightly with a pencil and then stitched.  Before glueing the cloth to the book cover I made sure I had stitched the beaks this time too.
 Another accordion book cover.
 I wrote out owl sayings on the inside pages. 
 Wish that I had taken calligraphy or had much neater handwriting.
 I'll be making more of these accordion books with owl covers next year too and plan to learn how to bind books using the coptic stitch as well.
 A beautiful flock of Bohemian Waxwings showed up in our cotoneaster hedge for a few minutes.  They busily gobbled up as many berries as they could and then were off.  They have such a beautiful trill.
Have a very joy filled and wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Owl Booklet Mistakes

 Well I've learnt by my mistakes once again.  I had stamped this owl design on the cloth and stitched on it and thought everything was fine. When I applied the wheat paste to the back of the cloth to adhere to my binding board, the ink ran as you can see and then I realized too late that I had forgotten the beak!! 
 The ink on this one ran too but not quite as bad.  Remembered the beak at least.  I've started another cover but just drew the simple design onto the cloth lightly with a pencil. 
 The only ornament I've made this year to give as a Christmas gift.  This hardanger design stitches up so quickly with no cutting or wrapping.
 I received this lovely package of hand dyed perle cottons from Lorraine at Colour Complements.  I'm giving them away as Christmas gifts but think that I'll just have to keep one for myself.  The colours are beautiful.  You do wonderful work Lorraine!  Thank you :)
 More progress on my whole cloth piece for the stitchery guild.  I painted the flowers and stems with acrylic paint and a bit of textile medium.  I heat set it just with a hot iron.  So far I've used buttonhole stitches on the one purple flower and on a stem, crossed buttonhole, running stitch, herringbone, stem stitch, straight stitch, chain stitch and french knots.  I love incorporating as many stitches as I can into a piece. 
 These 4 Sharp-tailed Grouse flew up and perched on a poplar branch the other morning.  
 I was glad that they stayed long enough for me to grab my camera. 

Running stitch and french knots on the orange flower and cretan stitch on the stem.

Wishing everyone a most delightful December day!

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Sampler in Blue Nearly Completed

I had thought I was absolutely finished but then when I took this picture I saw there was a row on the right side border that I haven't crossed yet!! There might be more uncrossed stitches so I'd better look carefully. Very carefully.
 More candy wrapper stitching.  Certainly glad for friends that are saving wrappers for me.
 This month's guild stitching project is to make a 9" x 9" whole cloth piece.  Using a light box I traced flowers and curly cues onto the cloth.  Then using acrylic paint, textile medium and a small brush I began to paint.
 This is my completed painted design.  Next I will put a pellon backing onto it and begin to outline stitch the flowers and stems using running stitches, back stitch, chain or maybe even cable chain.  Not sure yet.  I should be working on Christmas gifts but this has gotten me side-tracked.
I didn't have an onion mesh bag for the suet I made for the birds but this Downy woodpecker didn't mind that I used an avocado mesh bag instead.

Have a most wonderful day and thank you for stopping by :)

Thursday, November 20, 2014

To Stitchers With Love

 Our Public Library has a community program going on right now where they give you a free sketchbook  to fill with art, sketches, writing, poetry, etc.,  Once returned, it will be placed in their Art Bound Books permanent collection.  I knew right away that I would fill mine with stitching :)
 I spritzed, sponged, painted or stenciled the pages and then stitched one kind of stitch per page. Most of the time I stitched through 2 pages to give support and to help prevent the paper from tearing.
 I did not have a well thought out plan of what stitches or designs I would create but just let it happen.
 I glued a number of the pages together and took out pages as well.
 It was tricky to stitch close to the middle.
 It was good to revisit stitches I had done through Sharon Boggon's Take A Stitch Tuesday challenge.
In total I stitched 16 different kinds of stitches.
 I also drew on some of the pages.  The outline of the owl is couched but the feathers, beak and tree were drawn.
Other stitches that I did besides these ones were:  detached chain stitch, seed stitch, cretan, wheatear, chevron, buttonhole wheel, woven spider web and the pistil stitch.
 My favourite page was combining all of the stitches for my bird design.
There was a pocket at the back that I put some threads and small pieces of Aida cloth for anyone to take if they wanted to.  I printed a Maya Angelou quote on the pocket after I took the picture:  "You can't use up creativity.  The more you use, the more you have." It was a great project for me and I will return it to the library next week.

Wishing everyone a very creative day :)

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Running Stitch Circles

 In my previous post I mentioned that the stitchery guild program for this year is to explore embroidery stitches from around the world.  September was to explore the embroidery of India and I've added circles of running stitches around a buttonhole stitched washer.  For the centre I used a piece of paisley material I had.
 Along one of the sides I added this star shape and played with filling it with different stitches, ie:  stem, straight, chain, buttonhole and herringbone
 I liked the star design so I also put it along one of the other sides again experimenting with different thread colours and stitches ie:  chain, straight, buttonhole, stem and french knots.
 At the October meeting we were to explore the embroidery of Japan by stitching a shashiko design. We were each given this indigo blue cotton 12" x 12" piece of material to which we marked a grid and added circles using a white dress maker's pencil.  This is my finished and first shashiko embroidery.  I did not do the centres correctly but was not thinking of that while I was stitching.  A few of the circles are not perfectly round either. Next time :)
 I received a large bag of candy, gum and chocolate wrappers from a friend at the stitchery guild and I made this landscape fabric postcard using them. Thank you Carol!  I sent it to an International Mail Art Exhibition being held in Nov. and Dec.
 I backed it using a Sun chip bag someone else at the guild meeting gave me.  Thanks Shelley :)
 Also made a couple of wrapper landscape atc's
 backed with more of the Sun chip bag.
 While driving on a back road we came across this beautiful large Great Grey Owl perched on a fence post. 
Needless to say we were thrilled when he/she let us take some pictures before flying away.

Have a most delightful day everyone and thank you for stopping by :)