Monday, May 16, 2016

Felting & the Eastern Stitch

I tried my hand at making a wet felted vessel using a resist.  It was too thin in spots so I needle felted an owl and added stitches to it as well. So that it would sit well I cut the bottom off of a plastic bottle and put it inside.  Looks MUCH better now than it did at first.
Here I laid out some roving and did a bit of needle felting as well.  Next step is to wet felt it and hope everything stays in place. 
This is the card I made for my mum for Mother's Day.  The free pattern is available from Happiness is Cross Stitching.
Cloud Filling Stitch was the Take A Stitch Tuesday (TAST) Week 38 stitch on Sharon's Pintangle site. The idea on what pattern to make with this stitch came from Annet's Fat-Quarter blog. I was very pleased on how nice this stitch looked and it wasn't too complicated either.
My TAST Owl slowly but surely filling in.
Another new stitch for me was this Eastern Stitch - the week 41 TAST stitch.  I'm going to do a few more and then I'll begin this week's TAST stitch which is the Fern Stitch.
Yesterday this beautiful Yellow-rumped Warbler flew down right by the window.  Thankfully it stayed still long enough for me to get this photo :D

Thank you for stopping by and wishing everyone a creative rest of the month.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

6 More Different Stitches

 Holy cow!  Has it really been almost a month since my last post?  I've added 6 more stitches to my Take A Stitch Tuesday Owl:  the Barb stitch, Long Chain (blue stars at the top), Fancy Bobbin Edging, Raised Cross Stitch Flowers ( I put these in the wings), Pekinese and I'm currently working on the Oyster stitches to finish off the owl breast and around the face too.  How to work all of these stitches can be found on Sharon Boggon's Pintangle website.  This has been such a great project to work on for the last 34 weeks.  Only 18 more stitches left to go.
 Close up of the rows of Pekinese stitches.
 I saw this cute crochet cell phone pattern on Ravelry ( Florence the Owl pattern by Irene Strange) and made one for each of my daughters.
 This is the one I'm making for myself.  Almost done - just have to attach the eyes.
I was in Arizona for a week and went for a number of great hikes in the desert. Hubby called this the stick-em up cactus.
 A wild javelina roaming the town plaza of Ajo.  I didn't get too close but it totally ignored me anyways.
Loved seeing the little lizards everyday!

Have a lovely, lovely day :D

Friday, February 26, 2016

Vandyke Stitched Beak

 Stitch #28 on Sharon's Take A Stitch Tuesday was the Vandyke stitch.  This was a completely new stitch for me and I'm very glad that my TAST owl finally has a beak!
 I cut some holes in this resist dyed felted piece for an exercise in what if and why not.  I buttonhole stitched around the holes and added running stitches and beads and cross stitches.  I then tacked down at the back different colours of organza to fill the holes. Hubby named it Flight Among the Planets.  I certainly enjoyed stitching on felt as it's wonderful and easy to work with.
Have a wonderful and fine, fine day everyone and thank you so much for dropping by,

Friday, February 5, 2016

Felt Stitching

 My finished felted wall piece all stitched and ready to go into a local art gallery show that's coming up in March.  I love the feel of stitching on felt and am absolutely hooked on it!
 This is what the piece looked like before dyeing.  I made a piece of wet felt using merino fibres and then clamped various resists (mostly washers).  I dyed it first in green, reclamped and then dyed it in burgundy, reclamped and then in sky blue.  Now I am on the lookout for more resists to use to get different patterns.
 Valentine's Day is coming up and I started a little free pattern from Happiness Is Cross Stitching. 
I love the free black cat patterns on this site :)
Last weeks stitch for Take A Stitch Tuesday was the Arrowhead stitch.  A very straightforward and easy stitch to do which I worked on my Owl's breast.

Have a wonderful and creative day everyone and thank you for stopping by :D

Thursday, January 14, 2016

January Back to Creativity

 My TAST Owl with swirly cable chain stitches.  Haven't added this week's new stitch yet which is the Interlaced Cable Chain.  I hadn't heard of this stitch before so it will be fun to tackle.
 More resist dyeing on a wet felted piece which has now become a book cover.  Stitching on felt is wonderful!
 This piece became the back cover.
A friend & I recently played with soluble stabilizer.  Here I laid out bits of  thread,
 covered it with another piece of soluble
 and stitched around and all over to make sure that all the threads were joined.
I briefly rinsed it under warm water and shaped it over this glass to dry. Will post a picture of how it turned out next time:)

Thanks for stopping by and I wish you heaps of joy this day,

Monday, December 21, 2015

Resist Dyeing with Felt

 Wow - can't believe that it's been almost a month since I last posted!  I'm finished stitching, crocheting and putting together all of my Christmas gifts and they are all wrapped and under the tree.  I bought this Mill Hill Bead ornament kit a number of years ago and finally made it and have sent it to my sister.
 I so enjoy the look of blackwork embroidery and knowing a friend of mine enjoys blue and white I stitched this ornament up for her.  I really would like to do one for myself as well.
 Resist dyeing using felt was loads of fun and I will DEFINITELY be trying out this technique again.  I used the pieces to make into 4 book covers.  I used wooden clothes pins on the above piece as a resist.
 I also used various clips, washers and folds.  Some worked better than others.
 My 4 coptic bound books - 3 of which I gave away as Christmas gifts

 but this one I kept for myself. :)
 Inside front cover.  I made 5 signatures of 4 pages each and covered a piece of mat board for the cover. 
You can really see the clip and washers that I used as resists on this felted cover.
Blue Jay is sticking around and holding his own against the 7 Magpies that are in the yard. Usually the Magpies get the few peanuts I put out each day but not today!

Have a safe and joy-filled Christmas everyone and a very Happy New Year!!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

2 More Stitched Pages

 On more of my eco-dyed fabric from a workshop I took in August with Arlee Barr and Karin Millson I finished my D page using detached buttonhole stitching.  For some reason I quite like this stitch and should incorporate it somehow in other things.
 My O page stitched with oyster stitches on onion dyed fabric.  This was a bit tricky to learn and I had to practice it a number of times on a scrap piece of fabric.  I free motion embroidered the owly :)
 This free pattern is available from Holly's Hobbies.  I just had to stitch it for myself :)
 Another free pattern from Happiness Is Cross Stitching.  This little ornament will be a gift for one of my sister's in law.  Free patterns on the net that are so easily downloaded are great!!
The Grey Partridges are back in the yard.  Haven't seen them all summer but now with cooler temperatures and a bit of snow they've come back.  Hope all 7 of them make it through the winter.

Hope everyone will be able to find some quiet stitching time today.
Thanks for popping by :)