Thursday, July 24, 2014

Stitching and Skydiving

I began stitching this floral needle case years ago and then I put it down to work on something else. It's high time I finished it though and this time I'm not going to get distracted. The flowers are worked in woven wheel, whipped spider web wheel, buttonhole wheel, lazy daisy and cast on stitching.  The leaves are fly and lazy daisy and the centres of the whipped spider web wheels are filled with french knots.
My finished silk paper doodle
and a close up.
I received this neat pomegranate titled atc from Lin Tarrant who lives in France.  She has a wonderful blog at St. Viktor Quilts.  Thanks Lin!
I also received this lovely maple leaf postcard from Debi in honour of Canada Day on July 1.  Thanks Debi :)
I finally did something I've been wanting to do for the last few years.  A breast cancer survivor I had met had gone tandem skydiving and she told me that I just had to go. So on Monday I finally went :)
Here I'm listening intently to the instructions which were to: relax, cross my arms before we jumped out, to take a deep breath and before landing to put my legs up.
At 7,500 feet we had 20 seconds of free fall
WOW - it was quite the awesome experience :D
Wishing everyone a summer adventure plus time for some wonderful stitching :)

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Silk Paper Doodling

 I absolutely love my Oriental Poppies but sadly the delicate petals don't last very long and in 2 days they are starting to wilt already. 
 With one of my shaving cream marbling pieces of fabric I made this seascape atc. I had fun playing with different stitches and adding some dyed bits of cheesecloth along the edges.
 Close up of some doodling stitches:  straight stitch, fly, chain, buttonhole wheel and spiderweb wheel. I don't have any real design in mind but am simply enjoying stitching.
I received some lovely threads from Lorraine's Colour Complements shop and am using them to doodle on this piece of silk paper. 

Have a wonderful summer day everyone :)

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Leaf on Silk Paper

 I'm really enjoying stitching on silk paper.  So much so that I made another maple leaf stitch sampler on it for myself.
 From left to right the stitches are:  chain, fly, needle weaving, french knots, wheatear, seed, cretan, seed, buttonhole wheel, chain, lazy daisy, cretan, spider web wheel, coral, satin, seed and a few more french knots.  Now I feel like making more silk paper and another stitched leaf :)
 We were on a trip last week and to keep my hands busy while in the car I crocheted this small doily.  I love doilies and have them under just about everything and love giving them away too.
 We had so much rain in June that up in the hills the pincushion cacti are blooming all over the place.  In 7 years, I've never seen so many.
 The female bluebird still has her young in the nest,
while this baby coot was swimming madly across the pond and peeping like crazy to get back to mom.

Have a great week everyone :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Shaving Cream Marbling

 My finished maple leaf postcard for the CQT 2014 Postcard Exchange is now in the mail.  I used over a dozen different stitches:  chain, cretan, feather, spiderweb wheel, bullion, fly, seed, satin, stem, et. al.  I enjoyed doing this so much I'm making another one for myself :)
 I had another very, very fun play day with our Fibre Arts group recently. We experimented with marbling using shaving cream as our base.
 We tried out different kinds of paints and here's my spot on the table using regular craft acrylic paint.
 I put down about 2 inches thick of shaving cream and smoothed it out using a disposable plastic card.
 Drippled paint on top 
 and then swirled it with a wooden skewer.  I laid my piece of cotton on top, smoothed it down, waited maybe a minute and then peeled it off.  I waited maybe a 1/2 hour or so before scraping off the shaving cream and rinsing in water.
 Here I had scraped off the previous colour swirls, added some more shaving cream, smoothed it and played with different colours and marble design.
 After rinsing I then heat set my pieces and here are a few that I did.  I used cotton, heavy interfacing, evolon and water colour paper.
These marbled cloths we had made at a previous play marbling day using a gelatin like base and paint designed for marbling from G&S Dye.  I will use all these marbled pieces to make book covers, a pincushion or two, atc's and postcards.  It was great to play and experiment and have fun.

As Albert Einstein said:  “Play is the highest form of research.”
Hope everyone can take some time to play.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Zentangle Leaves

 I signed up for The CQT 2014 Postcard Exchange and decided to work a variety of stitches on silk paper.  I'd better get cracking as I need to be done by Friday.
 My finished felted landscape piece pinned onto a piece of foam board.  I needle felted the flowers and clouds and rolled bits of green felt between my palms for the tree branches.
 We were each given pieces of this paper at last months stitchery guild meeting to make into book covers.  We were shown the stab binding method and here is my book which I filled by making 10 zentangle leaves:

 I drew these on rice paper (poor choice) that I spritzed with ink.  They were definitely a lot of fun to draw and I finally used the zentangle book that I had purchased 3 years ago for pattern ideas.  There are tons of zentangles on-line as well.
Incredibly, we have a fox den under one of our sheds with one pup.  I crept out early one morning and hid behind our rhubarb to see if I could get some pictures. The clicking of my camera was so loud in the quiet morning air that it was no wonder that she is looking at me. 

Have a wonderful week everyone :)

Monday, May 26, 2014

Book of Leaves

 My linen challenge book cover is now complete.  I had been thinking of using a snap closure but found some stretchy green cord and put some beads on it to use instead.  I really enjoyed the process of deciding what stitches to use and stitching on this piece of linen.  In June I'll see what the the other members of our stitchery guild did for the challenge.
 We were all given pieces of coconut paper for our linen books as well.  I have a thick folder of pressed flowers and leaves that I've been collecting for years and was very glad to finally find a place to put some of them.
 This is a sampling of a few of the pages.  10 pages in all.
 Ended with a pressed strawberry leaf from ages ago.
 Felted landscape work in progress.  I made the branches by rolling small pieces of felt in my hands and needle felting them on.  I'll add some more branches to fill out the tree a bit more and make another needle felted blue flower.  For now it's pinned onto a white board and propped in front of the TV so I look at it often to see what else it needs.
 So glad to have the second bird done now on my Sampler in Blue.  Mistakes have been minimal due to only having 1 colour to use.  Yeah!!
Captured this lovely pair of Mourning Doves on an old barbed wire fence. I love the soft cooing call they make and how graceful they look.

Have a wonderful week everyone and thanks for stopping by :)