Friday, April 11, 2014

Poppies and Bugs Felted Finish

 Added this little snail by stitching over and covering 2 small pieces of felt. 
 This little blue beetle was also stitched over a very small piece of black felt
 and the same for the ladybug.  I found a great tutorial on stumpwork beetles from Sew in Love's blog.
 Here's the next piece of felt that I'm going to embroider on.  Not sure what I'll do exactly but perhaps I'll try a butterfly.  Thought experiments are brewing.
 Finished Poppies and Bugs.  I took it to our stitchery meeting on Tuesday for show and tell. Seeing what everyone is making is definitely a high light of each meeting.
I'd had this free pattern for quite a while and finally made it.  I dyed a small piece of linen and stitched it up in no time. Pattern available at

Keep Calm and Carry On being creative :)

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Poppies, worm, bees and owls

 I've been working on one of the pieces I felted last week at our uber fun felting day.  I free motion machine sewed the large leaves and edges and then added the leaves at the bottom.  Those I did by fusing and burning out with the soldering iron a piece of green organza on an old piece of scrap material.  It needed something more
 so I added a little inch worm
 and a couple of bees.  These were made from bullion knots and a piece of gold thread left over from my goldwork lion.  Going to try adding a ladybug too.  I've not tried stitching a lady bug before so we'll see how it turns out.
 Hubby took me out for a birthday supper on Saturday and while driving back along the highway we saw a snowy owl!  Thankfully we both had our cameras with us and took as many pictures as we could before it flew away.
 A minute further along the highway we saw another on a power pole!!  I was thrilled to say the least.  Such a regal and magnificent bird.
And if 2 snowy owl sightings were not memorable enough we saw one more a little further on.  An unforgettable day.

Stay well, happy stitching and enjoy being creative!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Honeycomb Mock Smocking

I finished the last 2 rows of my linen challenge book cover with 5 rows of honeycomb mock smocking and a row of closed buttonhole. For the mock smocking a foundation of cross stitch rows are first worked then a second thread is laced from one end to the other through the cross stitches. I had never worked this stitch before and I quite like how it turned out.
 At our next stitchery guild meeting hopefully we will be given the instructions on how to make our stitched linen pieces into a book cover.  The meeting is 2 weeks away so I'll just have to wait patiently.
 Progress one cross stitch at a time on my Sampler in Blue.  Glad to have one bird done now. A flower is next.
 6 of us got together on the weekend and had the most marvelous time playing and being creative.  We felted one day and this is one of my pieces with the roving and some silk laid out. 
 After wetting and soaping and rubbing my piece, I wrapped it around a pool noodle and began to roll and roll so it would all felt together.
 The other day was a dyeing day.  We chipped in and bought some Procion dyes and dyed the day away. Here is our dye table that we helped ourselves to throughout the day.
 I dyed pieces of cotton, aida cloth, threads, washer sheets, paper toweling and here are my very colourful looking teabags that I had been saving.  Not sure what I'll do with them yet but it was fun!
Besides dyeing I did a little bit of painting on a dyed piece of evolon.  Down the road I'll use all the material I dyed and pieces I felted which I'll eventually post pictures of.

Stay well, happy stitching and enjoy being creative!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Linen Challenge

 I had mentioned in my last post that everyone in our stitchery guild received a piece of linen that will become a book cover. I decided to make mine like a band sampler and my rows so far include:  Crossed buttonhole stitch, Feathered chain stitch, Chevron, Herringbone, Fly, Detached chain, Fly stitch again, rows of Running stitches, Cross stitch leaves and Cretan.
 Haven't decided yet what the next rows will be but the plan is to be finished by next week.
 Very slow progress on my Sampler in Blue but it's coming along :)
 Here is the lovely "F is for Fish" atc I received from Grace from Somerset, UK.  It is so nicely stitched!!  Thank you Grace :)
 A friend from our stitchery guild made me this delightful owl postcard from a napkin.  Thank you Carol!  It's very bright, fun and cheery :)
Caught this White breasted Nuthatch creeping down the tree trunk with a seed. Just love bird watching :)

Have a fabulous day everyone :)

Monday, March 10, 2014

Accordion Book Cover

 Only 2 /12 inches or about 6 cm in height, I first dyed this piece of Aida cloth, cross stitched the leaf design and closed up the back to make a little case....
 for this little accordion booklet.  Our stitchery group's program this year is to make a leaf treasure box and fill it with hand made books.
 Here is the accordion booklet opened up with the wooden block I used for stamping.  The booklet opens up to about 3 feet or about 91 centimeters long.
 5 of my booklets so far housed in my leaf treasure box
 At our last stitchery meeting we were each given a piece of linen and challenged to stitch whatever design we'd like on it for another book cover.  I chose to design mine like a band sampler and from the top have worked the crossed buttonhole stitch, feathered chain stitch, chevron, herringbone and fly stitch.  Thinking of doing a row of detached chain stitches for the next row.  We are all enjoying making our books and covers and seeing each other's creativity is great!
 Oops - material was supposed to be sewn right sides together for the owl pincushion body but I wasn't paying attention :)
On the Stitchin' Fingers website the artist trading card challenge for February was "I spy with my little eye something beginning with the letter F."  I cut out 4 fish from some of the evolon I had dyed and stitched some feather stitches on a little piece of silk paper a friend had given to me.  It is now flying over the ocean on it's way to England.

Have a wonderful and delightful day everyone :D

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sampler in Blue progress

 Touch wood but so far I have not made a cross stitch counting mistake!!  Certainly helps that the entire piece is done in only one colour ;)
 Here's my painted piece that I had played with a few weeks ago where I lay down masking tape, sponged around it with acrylic paint, took the tape off and voila, a white picket fence. I free motion machine sewed some vines which you can't see very well as I should have used darker green thread. I laid a piece of red organza over red felt, cut out the red circles and attached them all with french knots.  Also added some grass stitching along the bottom.
 MooShoo stinker cat had to have a look see too :)
 Had to take a picture of Mr. Handsome Mule Deer Buck as he strolled through the yard and then stopped to look at me through the window.  What a beaut he is.
Flashy, entertaining to watch and vocal with their raucous call, we have 4 to 8 magpies in the yard every day.  This one certainly looks well fed.

Have a good week everyone :)

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Evolon Leaf Book

 I so enjoyed working with Evolon!  It takes paint well and dye and stamping.  This is the cover of my leaf themed booklet.
 I used Evolon for all the pages and it isn't too difficult to stitch through.  Here are a few autumn leaves being blown across the pages using the fly stitch.
Maple and oak leaf pages using the chain stitch, stem, seed, buttonhole, crossed buttonhole and french knots.
 Haven't done much lattice stitching and I need more practice.  Enjoyed stitching the 3 middle leaves using the fly stitch.
Evolon also takes well to melting/fusing with the soldering iron.  On the left hand page I used it to burn out all the leaf shapes. I put organza underneath the 2 smaller strips and a gold candy wrapper under the larger piece.  The vine and leaves on the right hand page were all cut out and fused onto the Evolon using the soldering iron as well.  Filled it in with seed stitching and marked the edges with the soldering iron too.  Very pleased with my small leaf booklet which is now housed in my leaf themed box :)