Friday, June 12, 2015

Reverse Applique

5 layers of fabric, 4 wonky free motion circles which were cut into 1/4's,  different layers cut out and then sewed down onto a back fabric.  Have begun to do some running and french knot stitching.  This is another Beryl Taylor inspired piece from this Quilting Arts youtube video.  Think I'll try another one of these now that I know the process.
Finished my first Beryl Taylor inspired melted Tyvek piece with stitched borders and a beaded edging.  Our annual stitchery guild dinner is this coming Tuesday and it will be great to see everyone else's pieces.

Thanks for popping by and have a joyful June day :)

Friday, June 5, 2015

Beryl Taylor Inspired

 The stitchery guild program challenge this month was to make a  9" x 9" Beryl Taylor inspired piece.  We were each given a piece of Tyvek and our choice of fabric.  Wanting to work with a different colour for a change I chose this purple cotton and painted my Tyvek with teal metallic acrylic paint.  To help prevent pulling of the threads when they melt I sandwiched stabilizer, batting, fabric and Tyvek. 
 Finished grid with lopsided swirls.
 Now for the really fun part with the heat gun!
 After I melted some of the Tyvek away I added a couple borders of ribbon and teal fabric.
 Herringbone, seed stitching, a border of beads, cross stitches and more beads and my piece is almost done.
 I think I'll give it a buttonhole edging and maybe add some beads.  This has been such a fun piece to work on and in a couple of weeks I'll see everyone else's Beryl Taylor inspired blocks.
Have to close with a bird photo.  I scattered some largish bread crumbs on the lawn and in seconds this greedy gus crow was stuffing his beak trying to fit in as many as he could.  A few were left for the watching magpie.

Have a most delightful, creative, joyful June day :)

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Whooo's There?

 I loved working on this piece! I started with wet felting and putting a foam circle to add as a resist.  When dry I cut it out and needle felted the owl.  A friend at work who knits and spins very kindly saves all her bits of yarn for me and I needle felted and couched them down. Thanks Wendy :) Seed stitching was also added to help give it more texture and depth.  My daughter named it "Whoooo's There?"  It is going to be part of an exhibit for the months of July and August titled Join the Thread at the Signal Hill Arts Centre in Weyburn.  Anyone could submit 2 pieces for the exhibit so I entered this one and my felted Whimsy Woods.
Slow progress on my crazy quilt block.  The ideas truly are endless what one can do.

Have a most beautiful day everyone :)

Monday, May 11, 2015

First Crazy Quilt piece

 Progress on my first ever crazy quilt piece.  It's a 9" x 9" block for this month's stitchery guild project.  Some of the stitches I've used are:  chain stitch, french knots, chevron, lazy daisy, fly stitches, bullion, ribbed spider web and straight stitches.  I'm going to try a herringbone next on one of the remaining seams. 
 I'm learning a lot about what not to do on my pulled thread chatelaine project.  #1 save doing the neat hedebo edging to the end so that it can go into a hoop easily #2 don't pull too tight as it can warp the design (as you can see on the left hand side sample).  Once I get the rhythm of the pattern going it's quite enjoyable and relaxing to do.
 4 layers of roving with bits of wool and silk hankies all layed out and ready to begin the felting process.  There's a rubbery circle piece in the middle to act as a resist.
 After wetting and rolling and shocking and throwing, I removed the inner circle and voila.  I was very happy that it turned out to the size I wanted.  I started with 15" x 15" and it felted down to 12" x 12" which is just what I wanted.
 This is a different felted piece that I was experimenting with some needle felting on as well.
It was lovely to see the bees on our blooming Nanking cherry tree.

Happy May everyone :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Whimsy Woods

 I had a miscellaneous piece of wet felting that I didn't know what to do with so it just sat waiting patiently.  I also had a few needle felted owls that needed a place to call home.  I embroidered a few blue beetles and wrapped thread around a few beads.
 Needle felted a couple of caterpillars and wrapped more beads
 and added a butterfly on a tree
 and voila, my owls are happy with their whimsical home :)
We spotted this Sharp-shinned Hawk in the back yard no doubt looking for a tasty sparrow or chickadee.  It was gorgeous to see but it eventually flew away empty clawed.

Have a most beautiful day!!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Felting and Hedebo

 The more I wet felt and sew and stitch on my pieces the more I'm enjoying it.  The ladybug was so enjoyable to do.  Sew in Love has an excellent stumpwork ladybug tutorial for anyone interested.
 Bullion knots and gold thread wings for a few bumblebees amongst the flowers.
 How to stitch a caterpillar came from Jane Nicholas's book:  Stumpwork Embroidery Designs and Projects. The body is worked in raised stem stitch over 3 lengths of couched perle cotton threads.
 Since taking this picture I've added threads of green grass all along the bottom with straight stitches.
 I've also begun a pulled thread chatelaine project.  Here is a piece of the edging which is being worked using the Hedebo stitch.  I could not for the life of me figure it out from the pattern and written explanation but thankfully I know someone who could show me.
What's a post without an owl or 2 so here are a few needle felted owls that I've also enjoyed making.  I gave my 2 daughters one each at Easter :)

Wishing everyone a delightful and beautiful day.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Felting & Marbling

 Here's my finished little felted piece.  The tree was lacking something so I needle-felted a wee owl to it.  Once a year a small art gallery in the city puts on an exhibit of members works and that's where it is hanging right now.
 I've been enjoying more felting lately and here is another piece that I laid out on bubble wrap ready for soapy water and a lot of rolling.
 Felted and free motion machine embroidered and ready now for some hand stitching.  I'm thinking it needs a few bees to begin with.
 Chain stitch, stem, straight, french knots and fly stitches for the cover of another owlet accordion booklet.  I'll do a buttonhole wheel for the eyes and add beads too.
I had such a fun marbling afternoon with a few friends from our stitchery guild. 
We marbled fabric and paper using Pebeo marbling on sodium alginate
and also on shaving cream using Dye-na flow paints.  We also marbled papers with shuminagashi japanese inks on water which was also fun. We were challenged to do something with our pieces before the next meeting so now I just have to do something with them besides look at them.

Wishing everyone a beautiful day and a lovely weekend :)